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A Christmas Tree in the Forest


Marketing is the “art” of being able to making something stand out as a “Christmas tree in a forest” and it is exposing that awareness to as broad a market as possible – people who have the capacity and inclination to buy.

In real estate there is a “forest of homes” available for sale and agents who are currently working with buyers are the first target market.  Emails, flyers, broker tours, food, salesmanship, announcements and “working the crowd” can highlight a property that might otherwise be overlooked.  It is amazing how few homes really stand out in the blur of agents seeing 20+/- homes on broker tour every Wednesday within a 3 hour time slot.  Our first marketing goal is to create the “buzz “of “viral marketing” to our peers.  This in one of the areas where my e-Pro training gives me a competitive edge.

Buyers have the same awareness fatigue, usually previewing first on the web before they actually see a property.  Unless photos are taken specifically to be memorable and distinctive for being viewed on the web, they may lack the urgency created being fresh and exciting.

Frankly, many homes are average, so the skill in presentation and staging the home for a positive emotional experience is very important.  Painting, cleaning, uncluttering, yardwork and fresh flowers are the minimum; sometimes it is helpful to bring in accessories and/or furnishings to create a new mood.  If time and budget allow, it is often desirable to remodel bathrooms and kitchens, replace dated ceramic tiles, refinish hardwood floors and recarpet bedrooms.  I have lots of experience in this area so call me and I can advise you about what is cost effective to get the highest return.

The quality of everything by which a property is presented to the public on the web, in print, in video, etc. all speaks volumes to the consumer.  Spaced repetition is the key to maintaining marketing momentum.  New, fresh creative approaches may be necessary for properties that are marketing challenges.  This is what I love and where I shine.

The longer marketing reach is among a secondary group of people who know others who might ultimately be buyers of a property.  Their good opinion and influence is worth cultivating.

Sellers won’t get the “present under the tree” that they desire, unless buyers discover the “Christmas tree in the forest” and just can’t wait to make it theirs.  Call Rick Bonetti at 408-857-8800 to discover expert real estate marketing that gets results.