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Virtual Staging Is The Latest In Real Estate Marketing


A recent Facebook post by blogger friend of mine, Mary Pope-Handy, highlighted a new service that adds digitized furniture to photos of vacant properties.  Since furniture is not part of real estate this is not a deception, but is actually a helpful service that enables buyers to visualize what a room could look like furnished.

The company that provides this service Virtual Staging Solutions will never “digitally modify” any structural parts of the home, fix a broken window or floor board or use any methods to deceive the home buyer.  Virtual Staging is intended to help prospective buyers imagine the true potential of a home.  It lets the buyer visualize the room as a living space, not just four walls.  VSS is in partnership with Ashley Furniture Homestores, where you can actually purchase the furniture too.  It appears that the service is currently so popular that they are now restricting the number of new clients they can serve until they add more staff.

Another company Obeo has a “SytleDesigner” feature that allows homebuyers to digitally change wall paint colors, carpet colors, cabinets, etc.

The reminds me of when I was a custom home designer/builder and we used a high-end 3D drafting program ArchiCAD to help our clients digitally “walk through” the designed space that was “furnished”.  We even had digital images of the future “actual view” through the window.  I did this because I know how hard it is for some people to visualize the potential of 3D spaces.

Now, at open houses, I sometimes do a lot of “hand waving” to help people visualize what a home could look like if it were remodeled – eliminate a non-loadbearing wall, change cabinet configurations, add a kitchen island, add a second story, etc..  My knowledge of construction helps my real estate practice in practical ways and sets me apart from other capable Realtor associates who have different strengths.

Note: photo is of one of the very contemporary custom homes built buy Rick Bonetti in Fountain Hills, Arizona during the1990’s.