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FEMA Flood Hazard Maps for SCC Updated


Today, May 18, 2009, revised Flood Hazard Maps from FEMA go into effect for Santa Clara County.

Flood insurance is generally required for federally backed mortgages on homes within a “Special Flood Hazard Area”, also called a “100-year flood” zone. The revised FEMA maps will expand the 100-year flood zone and affect residential parcels in Palo Alto near Foothill Expressway, in Cupertino near Heney Creek Place, and in San Jose near Zanker Road and Component Drive, and Kingston Way and Manitoba Drive.

In some areas, the 100-year flood zone will be reduced in size and parcels will be removed.  Approximately 100 parcels that are not now entirely or partially within a 100-year flood zone will be drawn into this high-risk zone, and about the same number will be removed effective today.

Prospective home buyers may wish to check with their insurance agent to see if the property’s flood zone, and insurance requirements, will be affected by the map changes.

This information courtesy of JCP-LGS.  Click>here for a link to more information.