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Moving In the Moment

Several of my friends are in the process of moving.  Some are going through divorces; others are wrapping up employment without clear-cut prospects of where they will be going next; some are embarking on the adventure of building their “dream home.” All this can add up to stress upon stress.

This morning I received an email from one of my favorite podcast hosts, Krista Tippett.  Krista sent a link to one of her 2008 blog posts about the stress of moving.  These were personal thoughts as she was both moving and preparing for an interview with Eckhart Tolle . 

She reflects about the benefits of “being in the moment” – “being fully aware, alert, attentive to it, engaged in it.” Tolle noted that “stress is a symptom of not wanting to be in the moment we’re in.” On the heels of hearing him say that, Krista realized that she was treating most of the events on her moving “checklist” as tasks to be endured. She was looking at an entire week of her life (the packing, the organizing, the moving out, the moving in) as a period she just had to soldier through to get to the other side.  She then became aware that approaching it that way (in effect “steeling” herself not to be present) did raise a wall of stress in her, a palpable physical and emotional sensation.

But here was the surprise: she could immediately disarm that, by leaning into the moment. She still had to pack that box, and it was not the most exciting task of her life, and it was tiring at times, but it was not stressful. As she kept pulling herself back to this discipline time and again across the week, she even experienced “little unexpected epiphanies and joys” she would utterly have missed in her practiced “just get it done” mode.

My prayer is that all my moving friends lean into the moment and experience grace and peace.

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