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Color Trends: Purple is The New “It” Color


Purple has long been associated with royalty, nobility and wisdom and was at one time only associated with the upper echelon.

In today’s economic climate, this once exclusive color is not only attainable, but also marked as the hottest color for the months ahead according to Luxury Portfolio’s LuxeTrends.  Alain Pinel Realtors is affiliated with Luxury Portfolio and you can see the APR portfolio of luxury homes for sale in Saratoga if you Click>Here.

From soft hued lilacs to electric magentas to radiant mulberry, these shades will be seen throughout luxury homes across the globe.  Should you use it for staging a home to sell in Saratoga?  Probably not, as purple is a “polar” color that may be out of fashion as soon as it is in.  Should you use in the residence you want to stay in for years – Sure, it’s probably fine if it is your own personal expression of what makes you comfortable.

How To Integrate PURPLE Into Your Home:

  • Mix soft violets with white or silver to create a classic, yet updated look.
  • Blend vibrant magentas with rich blacks to produce an edgy, yet refined space.
  • Mesh vivid purples with deep gold or bronze to generate a contemporary or modern ambiance.
  • Unify sophisticated mulberry with gold-toned green or sapphire blue to produce a rich traditional atmosphere.
  • Mix delicate orchids with rich browns or neutral shades to create a sophisticated, yet fun feel.
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