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What Green Remodeling Is Smart For Home Sellers?

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Are you thinking about doing some remodeling? If so, for the best return on investment, go green. The new term is “eco-renovations” and some homebuyers are paying a premium for the added value of energy-efficient houses.

  • Light Bulbs – Sounds too easy, but CFL florescent light bulbs use a quarter of the electricity as regular light bulbs. Since lighting on average accounts for 20% of your home energy use, this is a quick fix.
  • Recycling -If your neighborhood doesn’t have curbside recycling, you can now recycle #5 plastics (cottage cheese, prescription drug and yogurt containers) at most Whole Foods locations.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances – EPA’s Energy Star appliances may be 10% to 50% more energy efficient. Installing a programmable thermostat and motion detectors are advised. Visit the Department of Energy’s site for more information: www.eia.doe.gov
  • Paints – Use new “low-VOC” paints, which stand for low “volatile organic compounds.” Many people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities ask about this now.
  • Tax Credits – With eco-remodeling, you may qualify for federal, state or local tax credits given for green projects. Search on www.thedailygreen.com for updates. Remember – green may bring more gold (money) when you decide to sell. So keep track of your improvements and document how your monthly energy bills change over time.
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