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Stages In Senior Care and Your Parents’ Home

Senior with grand daughter

Are you the adult child of an aging parent, concerned about what options are available for your senior parent as they show signs of needing help living at home?  Are you wondering what resources are available to assist them to continue to live in their home with safety and comfort or is it time to sell the family home and have them move into a Continuous Care Retirement Community or another senior residential setting?  What is the right timing and how will you approach an important conversation with Mom or Dad?

Blogger Skip Frenzel with Agape Long Term Care recommends a book written by Paul and Lori Hogan entitled  Stages of Senior Care. He said the book is “a must read for anyone involved in caregiving.” The book discusses the expanding array of options today and how to get started.  Often adult children and their aging parents are in denial about the need for help, but many others just don’t know where to turn.


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