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Inviting Prospective Buyers Into Your Home For Sale

We love our pets and feel that they are a natural part of our home – they have rights too!

When it comes to selling your home certain precautions need to be taken regarding animals.  Some cats are restricted to inside only, for their own protection;  it important that the listing agent place notes of caution on outside doors of  “please don’t let the inside cat outside”, so Realtors showing the property will be extra careful.

Some dogs zealously want to welcome you by jumping up and licking – others bark at strangers to protect there territory and their masters.  The forth line of the MLS listing comments should be used to alert showing Realtors of what to expect regarding dogs.

If the homeowner is always at home, its easy to control their canine greeters by temporarily placing them in a safe, out-ot-the way location in the house, garage or fenced yard and clearly signing that there are pets behind the door.

If Realtors call ahead to make a showing appointment, as they are instructed to do in the MLS showing instructions, homeowners can arrange timing of showing when this will not become an issue.

The problem comes when owners are not at home and the showing Realtor and their prospective buyers are greeted at the door with chaos that causes fear or uncertainty as to whether it is safe to enter.  Today I came across some practical advice on managing your pet from dog trainer Carla Jackson, whose picture is shown above on this blog post.

Pet odors are one of the biggest turn-offs to potential buyers as they open the front door.  Often it is necessary to re-carpet the entire house to get rid of the smell if cats have urinated on the carpet.  Every homeowner wants to make the proper first impression when selling their home and be considerate of their pets as well.  We’re here to make the sale while respecting the rights of all.

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