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Maintaining the Value of Living Tree Assets on Your Property

Trees are assets to most properties if they are properly maintained. Often, homeowners want to open up their property to more light and/or better views and hire unqualified tree trimming companies that either don’t know or don’t care about the long term health of the trees they are working on.¬† Certified arborists know how to maintain the health of trees and not create wounds that end up creating disease pockets.

Trees are subject to all sorts of problems related to root protection, adding soil, bad watering practice, over planting, poor tree selection, poor placement, bad nursery stock; however, improperly trimming can create some of the most sever problems.

Beware of scare tactics of unscrupulous tree trimming crews who warn homeowners (particularly the elderly) that “the tree is dangerous and may fall on their house” or are “in the neighborhood and will give you a good price if they act today”.

Protect your assets.  Hire qualified people to work for you.

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