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Saratoga Grammar School Reunion July 31, 2010

High API school scores at Saratoga Schools help maintain high land values in the community.

Saratoga School on Oak Street is the original elementary school (now one of three).  Once a year the unique tradition of The Annual Saratoga Grammar School Reunion gathers people who attended from the 1920’s through 1965 at Wildwood Park in Saratoga, CA.

I graduated from Saratoga Grammar School in 1957; my brother Tom Bonetti was there 8 years earlier in 1949!

This year the gathering will be on Saturday, July 31, 2010, starting at 10 a.m. with a tour of the former Oak Street School, then drift down to Wildwood Park for a barbecue from Noon to 3PM.

Entertainment by Les Landin’s Skillet Family, and cost is $20 which includes soda, beer & wine, use of the grounds, postage and pictures; any surplus monies will be donated to the Saratoga Grammar School.

A $3,600 donation from the 2009 picnic and reunion was contributed to the Grammar School Library.

Those on the Saratoga Reunion Committee include: Willys Peck, Patti Wyant Reschar, Adrienne Reynaud Zimmerman, Norman Zimmerman, Henry Clarke, Mary Lou Teeple Butera, Jenny Young Taylor, Lea Ann Hernandez, Susan Ruzak Schwartz, Nancy Caldwell Bear, Don Johnson, Bill Albanese, Michael Whalen, Susan Klear Davis and Art Pinkston.  Call Patti Wyatt Reschar at 408-356-8660 if you have names or addresses the committee may be missing for next year’s 2011 event, God willing.

Past Saratoga Grammar School attendees are thankful for the outstanding education they received and like to get together with their former schoolmates.  Grammar school reunions are relatively rare in the US compared with high school reunions (next year will be my 50th at Los Gatos High School)!  I had to correct my grammar when rewriting this, recalling my lessons from Mrs. Nunnely.

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