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Give The Gift of Life

I gave blood today at the Stanford Blood Center on Hillview in Palo Alto.  Our daughter is still recovering from a bone marrow transplant in May, 2010 and still receives platelets weekly.  I needed to start with a whole blood donation and Stanford also did a platelet count to make sure my platelet count is high enough.

You can  donate  other components of your blood , platelets and or plasma for our community.  Our community really needs your help with a platelet donation because only a few of us are CMV Negative.

Your donations will help premature babies, elderly patients, cancer patients and burn victims.

You can donate whole blood and platelets concurrently.  You can donate whole blood every 56 days. Because of no blood loss with the Aphersis process of donating platelets, you can donate platelets  twice per month no more than 24 times a year.  Therefore you can donate whole blood and then 7 days later do a platelet donation and then two weeks later another platelet donation.

Thank you for caring.  Click here> to schedule an appointment