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Senior Transitions Seminar in Saratoga

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, located at 13601 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070, is hosting a Senior Transitions Seminar Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 9:30 am to 3:00pm. Five topics will be discussed:

Cognition – As we age those close to us need to be able to discern what cognitive changes are normal and which are not. How can we delay, manage and postpone dimentia? What living environments, community programs and resources are available for those experiencing dimentia?

Financial & Legal Planning – get legal and financial planning advice and tips for protecting yourself and your estate. Learn about various types of trusts, wills, advance directives and power of attorney. Find out about the various branches of Medicare, entitlement programs, long term care, and how to evaluate if your savings will last through your retirement.

Spirituality – family, socialization, and staying involved is important as we age. Faith communities create meaning in life and help us overcome and deal with adversities. How to foster spiritual growth as we age?

Exercise – What are the benefits and types of exercise that can positively impact our health as we get older? Learn tips and precautions about hydration, balance, and medical considerations.

Nutrition – Learn about signs that may contribute to poor nutrition as we age, as well as why it’s important to adjust our nutritional intake. A look at nutrition and disease, choosing the right foods, and getting on track for feeling better and staying healthy longer will be discussed.

The day’s event will feature a welcome and overview by Karen Swanson, Pastoral Care Minister, St. Andrew’s Church and include presentations by Julie Groves, OTR/L; Tiffany Mikles, Dementia Care Coach; Patricia Kenny, Nurse Practitioner; Minda Parrish, Elder Law Attorney; Minda Cutcher, MBA & Financial Advocate; Jerrie Thurman, MA, Fitness Program Manager; and Leah Frankel, Registered Dietician.

To register: Visit jmscaremanagement or call 408-406-4820.