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Saratoga High School Profile

Saratoga High School has one of the highest API scores in California with 931 overall!

Here are some other highlights form a presentation given to Saratoga Rotary Club on April 26, 2011:

  • With Asians accounting for over 50% of Saratoga High School students, their 963 API score brought up the average.
  • 99.1 percent of students graduate (class of 2009)!
  • 98%┬ámatriculate┬áto college (84% of class of 2011 went to 4-year colleges and 14% went to community colleges)!
  • 29% of students are involved in music programs as electives.
  • LGSUHSD is considering a local parcel tax that would cost property owners between $49 and $89 annually to make up for state budget cuts.