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Saratoga Cares

Saratoga CaresAbove: Board members, Saratoga Cares Foundation: Brian Safine, Maya Baba, Rishi Kumar, Kathleen King and Amit Nagpal.

Saratoga Cares Foundation was formed in November 2010 with the mission “to care for all…specially the needy.  They are driven to demonstrate compassion and building a strong vibrant, integrated community.  They seek to address the needs in particular of children and seniors.”

Here are some highlights from 2012:


Saratoga Care’s first “SARATOGA”s GOT TALENT 2012” annual competition earlier this year, helped raise $18K for Saratoga Senior Center.  This annual competition included Assemblyman Jim Beall (now State Senator), San Jose Councilman Kalra, many of Saratoga’s current and former Mayor, city council members, SUSD Superintendent Lane Weiss, Redwood Middle School Music Director Jon Jow and 50 contestants and almost 300 attendees in attendance.

It was regarded as a fabulous community event  that brought everyone together towards a common cause.  A team of senior performers from Saratoga THE CREW won the first prize of $1,000 for singing “Standing on the corner (watching all the girls go by)”, winning in spite of some super talents giving our judges the fits with some very difficult choices.

Saratoga Cares is now on target for our 2nd annual competition “SARATOGA’s GOT TALENT 2013“, this time at McAfee Center in Saratoga, CA. They expect almost 600 attending, and have made CHILDREN their focus for this event, with support of the Saratoga SubAcute Hospital and Saratoga Education Foundation (affiliated with Saratoga Union School District).

A portion of the funds may also go the Senior Center and towards the remodeling of Saratoga’s Joan Pisani Community Center – depending on the funds they generate.  The amazing volunteer team is actively reaching out and seeking sponsorships for this cause. For information on sponsorship tiers and details click here.


As part of Saratoga Cares community unification charter, our team also supported “SARATOGA DANDIA 2012”  , that was held at the West Valley Large Gym in October, with almost 1000 attending.  From the proceeds, The Saratoga Dandia Committee donated $10K (via the Foundation) to the Saratoga High School Foundation towards classroom improvement projects. Saratoga Cares Foundation also contributed a portion of the funds towards the mobility of our little patients at Saratoga Subacute Hospital .

We also helped organize a cultural celebration,  “SARATOGA DIWALI MELA 2012”  at the Saratoga Community Center. This event had a very unique pot-luck format, was conducted by our Foundation team sans any entry fee, with a huge emphasis on community unification and mingling. We heard of friends bumping into each other after high school, after grad-school, for the very first time. Our Foundation team worked hard behind the scenes and such stories totally made our day!


The Saratoga Cares team was also part of various community events in Saratoga like the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce’s street party CELEBRATE SARATOGA  (seven hours of fabulous fun and entertainment in downtown Saratoga) and the SARATOGA HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING ceremony at Blaney Plaza


“We have tremendously enjoyed being associated with many such successful events. Via such events…we not only have social causes that we are supporting, but we also striving towards community inter-mingling and unification, towards a fun, integrated, vibrant and energized community. An example of this is also our  “SARATOGA’S GOT TALENT MONTHLY EVENT” at Blue Rock Shoot (typically the first Saturday of the month), which was initiated to help drive net new foot traffic to downtown and help jump start Saratoga’s sputtering downtown economy.”

“We have been gratified and delighted to see our passion to support social causes come to fruition via such strong successes in a very short time. We are thrilled that many of you joined in to support us. We couldn’t have done this without our awesome volunteer teams – the teaming has been such a rewarding experience. We truly hope that our efforts have led to a stronger community, and are making a positive difference for many in our local community. We have watched our team grow and our ideas evolve. But this is only the beginning – we have many more social and community events planned for next year, supporting many more needs – please check out the Saratoga Cares website for the latest initiative and causes.”


Saratoga Cares is always looking for funds to support our many causes. Please do take a few minutes to make your year end tax deductible contribution towards Saratoga Cares Foundation . They don’t have administration expenses, so all your contribution go towards causes that are listed on their website.