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Saratoga Celebrates 60 Years

1981 parade

The City of Saratoga CA will celebrate its 60th anniversary on September 17, 2016 with a parade along Big Basin Way at 10 a.m.

The parade will have floats, musical ensembles, car clubs, civic organizations and more. No entry fee to join and the parade is open to all.

Groups of individuals interested in participating in the parade are asked to fill out an entry form and a liability disclaimer. Volunteers are needed. If interested contact Marlene or go up to the City of Saratoga website. To obtain the form, contact Marlene Duffin at 408-997-7528 or marlduffin@aol.com.

Saratoga was incorporated in 1956 to avoid being annexed to San Jose. The city was named in 1865 after Saratoga, NY. Previously it sported the names of Bank Mills, Tollgate, and McCarthysville.